2024-03-28 13:00:00 | America/New_York

Evan Sutcliffe University College London (UCL)

Multiuser Entanglement Distribution in Quantum Networks Using Multipath Routing

Quantum networks facilitate numerous applications including secure communication and distributed quantum computation by performing entanglement distribution. For some multi-user quantum applications access to a shared multipartite state is required. We consider the problem of designing protocols for distributing such states, at an increased rate. For this, we propose three protocols that leverage multipath routing to increase the distribution rate for multi-user applications. In this talk, we introduce and discuss results on this area and show how multipath routing can be applied to networks with NISQ era constraints such as networks with a limited number of quantum memories and finite decoherence times.

Speaker's Bio

Evan Sutcliffe is a 3rd year PhD student at University College London. Based in the Optical Networks Group, his research interests are entanglement distribution and routing in quantum networks.